Cairns Massage Clinic specilize in Back and Neck Pain

How Do You Explain What You Do In Clinic

Manual Therapy - Remedial Massage

The human body is complex and usually inflammation, pain and restriction of movement occurs over time preventing us doing the things we love to do.

Our clinic has Certified Manual Therapy / Remedial massage therapists who have chosen to move away from the standard treatment model and focus on what is in the best interest of the client to provide the best outcomes with positive results.

Tony uses combination of many types of therapies to reduce the stress and inflammation in the body. Orthopedic Massage - James Waslaskai , Myoskeletal Therapy - Dr Eric DALTON, Immaculate Dissections Dr Kathey DOOLEY - Functional Movement, Fascial Counterstrain Therapy (FCS) - Brian TUCKEY to name a few. All these modalities are extremely powerful on there own however combined this provides phenomenal results.

While traditional approaches are very good they target muscles, nerves and bones, this is very effective when that is the dysfunction in the body. However there are several systems in the body that can cause pain and inflammation.

(FCS) Therapy addresses the entire body holistically to create balance. (Homeostasis) This is because (FCS)  emphasis is to treat the body though a multi-system approach by addressing the different types of fascia which is in every part of the body, bones, muscles, nerves, organs, arteries, veins, lymphatic system, ligaments, tendons and more.

Majority of times, our injury or condition can have a larger impact in our lives than we know. Injury isn’t just isolated to one system and dysfunction can occur in any other part and tissue of the body including scars and trauma. Frequently these other tissues require their own specific therapy. For example, shoulder pain can be cause by many factors, lung, pleura, ribs, liver, vascular system etc.

By providing the body with the treatment it requires and targeting the dysfunctional system, this increases the probability of success.

It is important to note that our approach to pain, inflammation and restriction of movement is out side the box. Please understand this is not a lay down relaxation massage therapy, however it will relax the body, reduce stress, reduce pain , inflammation and increase range of motion through a multi-modality, Multi-system approach that is relatively painless and precise. I believe the body does not need to be beaten into submission to feel better, harder is not always better.

What Does Manual Therapy / Remedial Massage Address

  • Relieves chronic pain contributing to weak and guarding position
  • Releases trapped nerves from tight muscles, joints and ligaments
  • Releases vascular, venous, organs, lymphatic system, mesentery system
  • Addresses breathing disorders effected by lung, pleura, ribs, phrenic and vagus nerves
  • Lessens pain sensitivity through graded exposure assisted stretching and release techniques
  • Eliminates protective muscle guarding due to multiple system dysfunction
  • Improves sleep by lowering sympathetic nervous system tone increasing parasympathetic response
  • Creates dynamic, confident posture with innovative restorative techniques
  • Corrects sports-related tendon and joint injuries
  • Enhances athletic performance through hands-on proprioceptive training
  • Changes the brain’s mind about pain through targeted exercise advice
  • Reduces chronic neck and back pain due to tension, trauma & weak posture

How Does Manual Therapy Work

  • Contract-relax techniques can make the nervous system less threatened by the movement.
  • Active pain-free therapy signals the brain that the previously painful movement is now safe.
  • By doing this repeatedly, the nervous system will often start to disassociate the movement from the pain.

All information provided in this website and in the clinic is for educational purposes only, "No medical advice is provided and always consult your medical expert. "